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Do you ever need a gift of sympathy, love or congratulations? At Reminisce Heirlooms, Tabetha Sullens will create a one of a kind heirloom featuring your loved one, a favorite verse or memory and encase it in glass. You can design a one of a kind sentimental gift, per your specifications, to be cherished for years. Tabetha’s goal is to create a piece that you or your gift recipient will treasure in a timely manner. She believes in open communication as a key to achieving your desired results.
"Tabetha Sullens at Reminisce is pure joy to work with. Her art makes mine look even better! There is nothing better than watching someone's face as they open one of her pieces - and the best part is knowing it will be treasured for years and years to come."
-Dawn Winton, Photographer.

"Tabetha creates from the heart. Her craftsmanship is so unique and her turn around time is impeccable. She touches so many hearts with her pieces, just one of a kind with her sincerity."
-Sonya Cantrell
"I have had many encounters with Tabetha's beautiful jewelry. I constantly find myself wanting just one more thing! I am always pleased with the outcome and every time I wear a piece of her beautiful work I get nothing but compliments! There are new and amazing creations that she comes out with, and each and every piece has that special meaning. I truly know that when I order something, whether it be a meaningful thing or just something I can't live without, it is carefully made with her special hands!"
-Brett Youngblood
"Reminisce Heirlooms is my favorite jewelry merchant. I am always fascinated by the selection of the most elegant and dazzling handmade pieces to choose from. Each of my unique creations I have purchased are of capital quality and guaranteed. There are many lovely necklaces, charms, beads, photo charms, and bracelets from Reminisce Heirlooms that garnish my necklace stand and jewelry box. The photo charms and numerous photo ornaments that I have, many of which are of cherished loved ones, embellish my tree and always bring many compliments. Thank you, Tabetha, for your unique and exquisite work."
-Julia Moore
"Words cannot express how I truly feel about my dear friend, Tabetha Sullens. I have been blessed to call her my friend, since 4th grade. She is a wonderful mother, daughter, aunt, and friend. She has a multitude of talents, all of which she puts her heart and soul into with grave detail and workmanship. She doesn't just give, she gives from the heart, and for that I am truly blessed. Her jewelry is a reflection of her beauty and her grace. Every piece is made with 110% love and devotion, and with that is born something you will cherish for many years to come."
-Paula Wanamker
"Words cannot describe the beautiful, unique custom bracelet that Tabetha made for me. It was a gift for my daughter and she was moved to tears by the beautiful sentiment. The quality was superb and Tabetha was so easy to work with. Thank you so much for helping me create such a unique, meaningful piece for my daughter! We will not only cherish the bracelet but the wonderful moment we shared upon her opening the gift."
-Christine Malvitz
"Tabetha Sullens has been an absolute pleasure working with. She is always kind, curteous, and prompt. If I ever have any jewelry needs, it will be Tabetha whom I call upon. Her work is pulchritudinous - absolutely ravishing! She is, without a doubt, the finest jewelry craftsman I have ever seen. Her work is admirable, aesthetically pleasing and of the highest quality."
-Kevin Latimer
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"I reminisce because for me creating is a way of keeping the past a part of the present and future. Eveything I make, I make with the memory of my grandmother, in my heart. I have 'grown' my style from a Southern heritage and a love for old things made new again."
-Tabetha Sullens

Her inspiration for her designs is the two greatest blessings of her life, her children. She and her daughter dabble in a medley of crafts. A Southern girl at heart, she hopes that love for family and God shows through in her designs. Tabetha is a self taught artisan. She earned her BA in English and Secondary Education, but works with her in-laws so she can be with her children daily in middle Tennessee.
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